So you have a new android box or a firestick and you are sat there like what do I do now then? Well, your first and foremost protocol should be to buy the best IPTV from us which will make sure you are all fixed up with the best IPTV channels and even many movies.

But some people want every movie at their fingertips which before everyone used Kodi but it started to become unstable and for newbies was hard to set a build up just to watch movie-wise and other content.

So then came along a Netflix like free service called Terrarium TV which was around for some time and it was hands down the best movie app for any android and amazon fire devices.




Terrarium TV was a breeze to add on to your device and all the movies worked fine so was not like Kodi where you had to fight with it to watch a movie. But then the Terrarium TV developer decided to shut down his service so everything went back to step 1.

We have people running all over the internet looking for the next best movie app for their devices and there are a few out but nothing compares to this.


Terrarium TV Replacement

So low and beyond we present to you an app called Tea TV you can go straight to their website and download the app but not only for your Android-based device but also for Windows and Mac OS as well.




This app seems like it has been built around the Netflix style which Terrarium users came to appreciate the design of the app so this is the same style so you will feel right at home while navigating around TeaTV.

Once you have it installed its as easy as going to a movie category you want and pressing play to watch the movie and it will bring you links up where you can click and watch the movies in different resolutions and file sizes.

As always we recommend you use a VPN as this allows you to keep your traffic encrypted which will stop your Internet Provider snooping into what you are doing and also will stop them from any bandwidth throttling should they see you using a lot of data.

If you have any friends with the same issue of not knowing where to turn after Terrarium TV shut down them send this guide to them so they know what the best free movie app is in 2018.